Five tips for looking after your brushes

Five tips for looking after your brushes
Da Vinci Series 5123 Maestro Brushes

Whatever your preferred medium, your paint brushes are your most important tool. Look after them and they should last for years! Here are our top five tips for brush longevity:

  1. Get into the habit of checking them regularly and wash them well after each painting session
  2. Oil brushes that have been cleaned with turps or Zest-It should be washed out in warm soapy water using olive oil soap or a specialist brush soap. Watercolour and acrylic brushes should also be gently washed in warm soapy water
  3. Pay particular attention to the point where the brush hairs meet the ferrule – paint can clog here and force the bristles out of shape.
  4. Once your brushes are clean, rinse them well and re-shape whilst still wet
  5. Leave your brushes to dry, bristles up, until you need them again

If disaster has struck, and you left your brushes to congeal in the paint, then all is not lost – you can try the Incredible Brush Cleaner from Chroma, (£9.45) which claims to bring even the crustiest brush back to life!

Beautiful fan brushes made by Da Vinci.
Beautiful brushes by Da Vinci.
We sell the highest quality brushes made by German brushmakers Da Vinci.

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