Our top 40 Christmas Stocking Fillers

Our top 40 Christmas Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers for £10 and under

Stocking Fillers for artists. Amazing gift ideas for artists.

We have some amazing stocking fillers which make lovely gifts for artists. If you love everything in miniature, you’ll love the Conte a Paris matchbox pastels, or our beautiful metallic paints and pens for a bit of Christmas sparkle.

Creative gifts to suit all types of artist

We have gifts for professionals, budding artists and children. Too many tempting gifts for £10 and under! Enjoy some indulgent online shopping….

Gorgeous gift ideas for artists at Pegasus Art! Please don’t forget that if you run out of time you can always order a Gift Voucher online. Our lovely vouchers can be emailed to a friend or loved one at the last minute so don’t worry!

Spread the Christmas cheer and best stocking fillers EVER!