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An Interview With Kerry Phippen

About Kerry Phippen

Kerry Phippen creates beautiful drawings and paintings using pencil and ink, often featuring an array of animals such as wolves, bears, horses, swans and many more. Set in fairy tale scenes or suggested landscapes, Kerry's artwork has a dreamlike feel and is influenced in part by her childhood in Scotland. Kerry now lives and works in Gloucestershire and runs drawing workshops here at Pegasus Art. So we took the opportunity to do a quick artist Q & A session with her...

Where do you start with your artwork?

"Usually with a sketch of a horse or a deer in a particular position, then I add the setting or scenario, as a stream of consciousness."

Do you work on preliminary sketches or go out and take photographs before creating the main piece?

"I do both things. I keep sketchbooks and use a camera a lot. However, a main piece is still approached in a similar way, I don't 'practice' an idea, I try to keep everything new and fresh and it doesn't always work!"

What is the most unusual place or thing that has inspired you and why?

"A taxidermied bear in a local hotel sparked off loads of work years ago."

How do you overcome artist block?

"I don't get artist block, whatever I'm doing I'm experiencing ideas coming from all over. Lack of time is more of an issue!"

Do you have a favourite medium and why?

"I love ink, its beautiful and has magical unpredictability to it."

Is there an underlying message in your artworks? What are you wishing to communicate through your art?

"Often there is a playful undertone or a feeling of human connection and/or loneliness/solitude, at least that's what I'm aiming for."

When do you consider an artwork finished? How do you prevent overworking a piece?

"When I start to feel a bit bored with a piece of work, its either time to re-try and re-work or leave it. It's very difficult to judge but I tend to leave things quite quickly."

How do you decide on a title for your artwork?

"I really struggle with titles! I envy other peoples' clever and thought provoking titles. Mine tend to be very straightforward, i.e. girl with horse "

If you could work anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?

"In a log cabin somewhere far north like Scandinavia. I'm attracted to mountainous areas, forestry and lakes. I'm Scottish so I guess that's a reflection of my roots!"

Do you have a favourite artwork by another artist? What is it about the piece that captures you?

"Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth. It's very clear and symbolic of feeling dislocated from 'home'. It speaks to me "

What would be your top tip for other budding artists?

"Don't wait for the muse to arrive. Go somewhere + look at stuff/art/photos/scenery. Get your materials out and and draw anything! Start with your favourite anything..."

If you couldn't be without one item in your studio / art box, what would it be and why?

"Indian Ink, there are so many ways to use it and its randomness pushes me out of my 'predicting an outcome' which is very good for me and stops me tightening up."

Find out more about Kerry Phippen and see examples of her artwork on her website.

Kerry has a selection on works on show at the Summer Studio Sale here at Studio 1, Pegasus Art between 1st - 6th August 2016. See more details here.


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