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Pip Seymour Refined Linseed Oil

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Pip Seymour Refined Linseed Oil – New Improved Recipe from North Yorkshire

Pip Seymour alkali refined linseed oil is manufactured from superior quality linseed oil, cold pressing from flax seeds. Alkali-refined linseed oil is a binder for oil colours. This Pip Seymour product is bleached and purified by immersion of alkali clay (fuller's earth). This process filters out any impurities (footings), clarified the oil and provides a pale colour.

By contrast with normal refined linseed oil, Pip Seymour Alkali Refined linseed oil is free of any drying agents and will tend to darken less over time.

Recommended for use as a binder for hand-made oil colours. It is not intended as use for mediums (Stand Oil & Cold Pressed Linseed Oil is recommended for this), more for making paint by hand. Pip Seymour Refined Linseed Oil can be used to extend or loosen oil paint colours. Take care to replace cap firmly. In common with most linseed oil based products, soiled application cloths should not be left where they may constitute a fire hazard as they can be liable to spontaneous combustion, i.e. self igniting without warning.

Refined Linseed Oil available in 3 sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 1 litre

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