Stretcher Bars

Stretcher Bars at Pegasus Art - good quality laminated (non-warping) stretcher bars. Three different profiles: 4.5cm deep Gallery Wrap Museum 45 heavy duty stretcher bars; the sturdy 2cm deep range Classic No 6 standard stretcher bars: the lighter weight fine profile, 1.8cm deep Classic No 4' Stretcher Bars.

All the Stretcher Bars are manufactured from environmental sourced wood in Europe. They are independently certificated by PEFC and guaranteed to be from re-newable forestry.

These canvas stretcher bars are 'easy to fit together' mitred stretcher bars which are cut from laminated cross-grained wood pieces. This dramatically minimises any warping of the lengths - a big bonus for artists. Your stretcher frames will stay square and true.

We can supply stretcher bars in bulk or for just one frame. Prices shown include VAT.

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