Daler-Rowney System 3 Heavy Body Acrylic Paint 150ml tubes NEW

Daler Rowney Acrylic Paint
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System 3 Heavy Body Acrylics. The image above illustrated the effects you can achieve with System 3 Acrylics. The cockerels tail is painted in the heavy body acrylic, the head the original System 3 paint.

This is a new range of thick acrylic paints(impasto) from Daler Rowney.

System 3 Heavy Body Acrylic Paints are available at a fabulous price in 150ml tubes.

This acrylic paint with a heavy body which is ideal for achieving texture and body in your paintings.

This System 3 Acrylic ia an acrylic artists paint which does not require mediums to give it body.

System 3 Heavy Body Acrylic Paint comes in 34 different colours. Scroll down through our colour chart.

150ml tube size - great value


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