Sennelier Oil Pastel Set of 24 Assorted Full Standard Size Sticks

Oil Pastel Set
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The Artist Quality Oil Pastel from Sennelier has a soft creamy quality with all the intensity and vibrancy of conventional oil colours.

The Sennelier Oil Pastel was developed in 1949 for Picasso. Picasso was looking for a intense colour that could be applied directly and freely to a wide variety of surfaces.

The Oil Pastels are made using a unique combination of oils and waxes so that they can be used on almost any surface, including paper without cracking or effecting the substrate.

This Sennelier Oil Pastel set of 24 assorted colours is a wider choice for the artist and is either a perfect start for an artist to discover the quality of the Sennelier Oil Pastel collection or if they have used them before a useful portable set for sketching.

Pegasus Art stock the complete range of 120 colours of Sennelier Oil Pastels so replacements will never be an issue.

This Sennelier Oil Pastel Introduction set of 24 full sized standard pastels is supplied in a sturdy box with fitted foam lining to keep your pastels safe.

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Sennelier Oil Pastel Set of 24 Assorted Full Sized Standard Sticks £29.95



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