Schmincke Norma Professional Oil Paints Large 120ml tubes

Schmincke Norma Oil Paint
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Schmincke Norma Professional Oil Paints, part of our increasing range of oil paint supplies, a premium oil colour for discerning artists.

Pegasus Art stock all the colours available in the large 120ml tube size, 48 oil painting colours.

The Schmincke Norma is an artist oil paint made from the best genuine artists' pigments which are ground by the tradional three-cylinder mill method. The high concentration of pigment is mixed with the optimum quantity of linseed oil.
The oil paint is left to rest and mature for approximately 3 months before the tubes are filled. This maximises pigment and oil absorbtion.

All oil painting colours have a balanced creamy buttery consistency. The Schmincke laboratory have tested all oil colours and their degree of lightfastness is 4 to 5 stars.

In addition the maturing process and optimisation of all the oil paints ensures that the drying process is shortened and proceeds evenly for all colours.

Option Price   Quantity    
118 Zinc Titanium White S1 Opaque £12.29 118_zinc_titanium_white_s1.jpg
220 Flesh Tint S1 Opaque £12.29 220_flesh_tint_s1.jpg
224 Naples Yellow Deep S2 Opaque £17.48 224_naples_yellow_deep_s2.jpg
226 Naples Yellow Light S2 Opaque £17.48 226_naples_yellow_light_s2.jpg
234 Brilliant Yellow Light S1 Semi-Opaque £12.29 234_brilliant_yellow_light_s1.jpg
236 Lemon Yellow S1 Semi-Opaque £12.29 236_lemon_yellow_s1.jpg
238 Cadmium Yellow Lemon S3 Opaque £23.58 238_cadmium_yellow_lemon_s3.jpg
240 Cadmium Yellow Mix S2 Semi-Opaque £17.48 240_cadmium_yellow_mix_s2.jpg
242 Cadmium Yellow Light S3 Opaque £23.58 242_cadmium_yellow_light_s3.jpg
246 Brilliant Yellow S3 Semi-Opaque £17.48 246_brilliant_yellow_s3.jpg
248 Indian Yellow S1 Semi Transparent £12.29 248_indian_yellow_s1.jpg
302 Brilliant Orange S2 Semi Opaque £17.48 302_brilliant_orange_s2.jpg
304 Poppy Red S1 Transparent £12.29 304_poppy_red_s1.jpg
306 Vermillion Red Light S2 Opaque £17.48 308_vermillion_red_light_s2.jpg
308 Vermillion Red Deep S2 Semi Opaque £17.48 308_vermillion_red_deep_s2.jpg
312 Cadmium Red Mix S1 Opaque £12.29 312_cadmium_red_mix_s1.jpg
314 Cadmium Red Deep S3 Opaque £23.58 314_cadmium_red_deep_s3.jpg
318 Madder Red S1 Transparent £12.29 318_madder_red_s1.jpg
342 Madder Deep S2 Transparent £17.48 342_madder_deep_s2.jpg
344 Carmine Red S2 Semi Transparent £17.48 344_carmine_red_s2.jpg
346 Ruby Red S1 Transparent £12.29 346_ruby_red_s1.jpg
348 Magenta S1 Semi Opaque £12.29 348_magenta_s1.jpg
352 Violet Dark S2 Transparent £17.48 352_violet_dark_s2.jpg
402 Ultramarine Blue Deep S1 Transparent £12.29 402_ultramarine_blue_deep_s1.jpg
404 Ultramarine Blue Light S1 Transparent £12.29 404_ultramarine_blue_light_s1.jpg
406 Royal Blue S1 Opaque £12.29 406_royal_blue_s1.jpg
412 Cobalt Blue Hue S1 Opaque £12.29 412_cobalt_blue_hue_s1.jpg
416 Indigo S1 Semi Transparent £12.29 416_indigo_s1.jpg
418 Prussian Blue S1 Semi Transparent £12.29 418_prussian_blue_s1.jpg
422 Cerulean Blue S1 Opaque £12.29 422_cerulean_blue_s1.jpg
424 Azure Blue S1 Opaque £12.29 424_azure_blue_s1.jpg
500 Phthalo Green S1 Transparent £12.29 500_pththalo_green_s1.jpg
510 Permanent Yellowish Green S3 Opaque £23.58 510_permanent_yellowish_green_s3.jpg
514 Sap Green S1 Transparent £12.29 514_sap_green_s1.jpg
518 Green Earth S1 Semi Transparent £12.29 518_green_earth_s1.jpg
600 Raw Light Ochre S1 Opaque £12.29 600_raw_light_ochre_s1.jpg
602 Yellow Ochre S1 Opaque £12.29 602_yellow_ochre_s1.jpg
608 Raw Sienna S1 Semi Opaque £12.29 608_raw_sienna_s1.jpg
610 Burnt Sienna S1 Semi Opaque £12.29 610_burnt_sienna_s1.jpg
618 Translucent Red Brown S1 Transparent £12.29 618_translucent_red_brown_s1.jpg
622 Raw Umber S1 Semi Opaque £12.29 622_raw_umber_s1.jpg
624 Burnt Umber S1 Semi Opaque £12.29 624_burnt_umber_s1.jpg
626 Van Dyke Brown S1 Transparent £12.29 626_vandyke_brown_s1.jpg
702 Black Iron Oxide S1 Opaque £12.29 702_black_iron_oxide_s1.jpg
704 Ivory Black S1 Opaque £12.29 704_ivory_black_s1.jpg



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