Fabriano Quadrato Artist's Journals - Drawing Paper 90gsm

Fabriano Quadrato Artist Journal
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These beautiful square Fabriano Quadrato Artists Journal books are filled with four shades of Fabriano 90gsm paper.

Fabriano Artists Journal in the Quadrato version are distinguished by its refined black cover.

Produced with Ingres laid paper in 4 different fast to light colours: ice white 621, warm white 603, creamy ivory 602 and pale coffee buff 601.

The soft laid pattern obtained thanks to the mould made manufacturing process, makes it ideal for pencil, pastels, charcoal, ink and sketching.

The absence of acid guarantees its inalterability over time.

96 sheets

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Fabriana Quadrato Artist's Journal 16 x 16cms £12.24 fabriano_classic_artists_journal.jpg



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