Fabriano 5 Watercolour & Printing Paper Sheets 300gsm Not 50x70

Fabriano 5 paper
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Fabriano 5 is an great paper from the famous Fabriano company in Italy.

This 50% Cotton paper has been designed for watercolour painting and Offset Litho printing.

Surface sized and watermarked, this white sheet paper is a reasonably priced and immensely popular product with watercolour artists and printmakers alike

The Fabriano 5 paper is mould made of a valuable mixture of cotton (50%) and accurately selected raw material.

The absence of acid guarantees the inalterability over time of the paper.

Ideal for watercolour, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal, wax, graphite, felt-tipped pens, drawing and printmaking (etching, lithography and silk-screening), announcements and invitations.

The watermark reproduces the Fabriano logo and the inscription "50% COTTON".

50% Cotton 300gsm/140lbs
Not surface (slightly textured)

Priced per sheet.

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 5 SHEETS OF PAPER FROM ACROSS OUR RANGE SO YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH. (A few exceptions apply, eg. glassine, mulberry and cartridge papers).


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