Pip Seymour Stand Oil

Pip seymour Stand Oil
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Pip Seymour Stand Oil

Linseed oil is slowly heated to form a 'heavy body' thicker stand oil.

Blown linseed oil (2-3 poise) thickened in viscosity to create very elastic, heavy bodied stand oil.

Add stand oil to oil colours 10-20% to impart extra gloss and flexibility.

Dries slowly to a touch, glossy sheen.

Very useful for paint mediums as Stand Oil is self-levelling.

Stand Oil can be diluted with turpentine or Shellsol T to create thinner films

Stand Oil does not darken over time and is more elastic when compared to regular linseed oil.

Sizes of Stand Oil available:
1 litre

Option Price   Quantity    
Stand Oil 1 litre £22.00 standoil.jpg
Stand Oil 250ml £9.90 standoil.jpg



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