Pip Seymour Refined Linseed Oil

Refined Linseed Oil Pip Seymour
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Pip Seymour Refined Linseed Oil is a standard alkali-refined binder for oil colours.

Refined linseed oil - our product is not bleached, so has a darker tone than most refined linseed oils but will change less over time.

Recommended for use as a binder for hand-made oil colours. It is not intended as use for mediums (Stand Oil & Cold Pressed Linseed Oil is recommended for this), more for making paint by hand.

Pip Seymour Refined Linseed Oil can be used to extend or loosen oil paint colours. When added to oil paints it will increase possibility of darkening of paint film in the same way as other makes of refined linseed oil.

Take care to replace cap firmly. In common with most linseed oil based products, soiled application cloths should not be left where they may constitute a fire hazard as they can be liable to spontaneous combustion, i.e. self igniting without warning.

Refined Linseed Oil available in two sizes:
1 litre

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