Posca Pens: Extra Fine Bullet Tip PC-1M: 14 colours

Posca Pens: Extra Fine Bullet Tip PC-1M: 14 colours
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Uni POSCA Pens PC-1M are a water based paint marker with an extra fine 1.0mm bullet tip.

Odour free and resistant to water and fading the Uni POSCA PensPC-1m are available in 14 vibrant colours.

Uni POSCA PC-1M Markers:

1.These Uni Posca Pens can write on metal, glass, fabric, paper, stone & most other surfaces
2.Opaque & will write on light and dark surfaces.
3.Water-based pigment inks that produce poster-like, vibrant colours.
4.It is possible to "overwrite" other colours - ideal for correcting mistakes.
5.The ink will not seep through paper.
6.They are non-permanent i.e. can be wiped off glass, plastic etc.

Water based Posca paint marker.
Extra Fine Line 1.0 mm
14 colours.

Option Price   Quantity    
Black £2.62 pc-1m_black_logo.jpg
Blue £2.62 pc-1m_blue.jpg
Brown £2.62 pc-1m_brown.jpg
Gold £2.62 pc-1m_gold.jpg
Green £2.62 pc-1m_green.jpg
Light Blue £2.62 pc-1m_l_blue.jpg
Light Green £2.62 pc-1m_l_green.jpg
Orange £2.62 pc-1m_orange.jpg
Pink £2.62 pc-1m_pink.jpg
Red £2.62 pc-1m_red.jpg
Silver £2.62 pc-1m_silver.jpg
Violet £2.62 pc-1m_violet.jpg
Yellow £2.62 pc-1m_yellow.jpg



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