Caligo Inks - Safe Wash Etching Inks - 75ml Tubes

Caligo Safewash Etching Inks
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Caligo Inks - Safe Wash Etching Inks are an Oil Based Ink you can wash up with just soap and water.

Caligo Safe Wash ETCHING INKS are oil-based but they can be washed away safely with liquid hand soap and water. You don't need solvents to clean up these inks. They are suitable for all types of intaglio printing for example, etching, aquatint, line engraving etc.

This range does not contain any driers. If you want faster drying rates, you can add a small amount of cobalt (siccative) or manganese driers.

Our Safe Wash Inks are a popular and safe printmaking ink, wash safe. They are vegetable based inks made from finest flax oil

Every tube of oil based printing ink made carries the non-toxic seal of approval from the ACMI. We put all of our Safe Wash inks through a rigorous testing and evaluation by toxicology experts. This means that when you buy and use any Caligo Safe Wash Inks (for RELIEF or ETCHING) you can be assured that the inks are non-toxic and safe to use.


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