Staedtler Pens Pigment Liners - Fineliners - Nine Width Of Nibs

Staedtler Pens Pigment Liners - Fineliners - Nine Width Of Nibs
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Staedtler pens for writing, sketching and drawing. These best selling pigment fineliner pens from Staedtler are top sellers at Pegasus Art.

Cap off: can be left uncapped for 18 hours without drying up (Test ISO 554)

Airplane-safe: automatic pressure equalisation prevents pen leakage while on board aircraft

Staedtler pens have a long metal tip, ideal for use with rulers and templates

These pigment liner pens from Steadtler are lightfast with waterproof ink once dry

Pigment ink, indelible (in accordance with ISO 14145-2)

Erasable when used on tracing paper, no bleeding when highlighted

With NEW high-quality, sturdy metal clip

PP barrel guarantees long service life

9 line widths available in black

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0.05mm £3.15 0.05mm.jpg
0.1mm £3.15 0.1.jpg
0.2mm £3.15 0.2.jpg
0.3mm £3.15 0.3.jpg
0.4mm £3.15 0.4.jpg
0.5mm £3.15 0.5.jpg
0.6mm £3.15 0.6.jpg
0.7mm £3.15 0.7.jpg
0.8mm £3.15 0.8.jpg



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